Do not let your dreams be dreams.

In one occasion, Walt Disney said if I could dream it I could do it. And how right he was! You have to shape your dreams as if they were a large piece of clay. Live, travel, start your adventure and do not regret anything. The bigger you thinking, the greater your happiness will be. […]

Chapter 9. Münchhausen Syndrome (India, part IV).

But let’s go back where we were: the arrival on train to Mumbai, a city that should not be called that. It should be called “Chaos”. Being in the center and out to the street is the most stressful things we have experienced in our lives. There is noise, pollution, hundreds of people clustered in […]

Chapter 7. We do need our bike (India, part II).

But unfortunately this is not the case. About a month ago we got in Colva Beach, a village in Goa, the smallest state of India famous for the visit of thousands of hippies from all over the world. And I say that we are unlucky because we do not have the bike yet. We were […]

Chapter 6. The rusty scalpel (India, part I).

September 1st 2014 Dear Grandma, This chronicle is dedicated only to you. P.D.: I know you do not understand very well what we are doing. I mean, quit our job, sell everything and start an absurd journey when I am almost 40 years old. Maybe you think I started this journey to escape our lives, […]

Chapter 4. The smell of freedom does not sell (Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina).

From Bar, a town in Montenegro, we have got in Mostar, one of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s famous city for its bridge over the Neretvariver, a national monument that is also Human Heritage but was destroyed during the war in the Balkans and rebuild a few years later. It is a beautiful place with a historic center designed […]