Chapter 8. Concert snonring, farting and burping in C major (India, part III).

Train of India deserves a separate chapter. If you visit the land of Gandhi, you cannot miss out the experience of traveling by train at least once. It can be either your best memory, or your worst nightmare. You choose. What is clear is that it will not leave you indifferent and you will not forget in your entire life.

During the time we were without Richard, we took it twice. The first, to go from Bombay to Goa. There were 13 hours in which Lore had a bad time, she chose to be tense and nervous because of a rat that was walking in between the seats. She was white all night. Lucky in the way back she did not show any thing and the trip was much calmer and fun, especially for young students from a school in Bombay on their way home after spending a few days in Goa. No wonder they stopped curious and took pictures with us. Anyway, as it costs nothing to make people happy, and less if they are children, then we took as many as they wanted, until some old folks trew them out of our compartment.



The Indian Railways, the way of transport most used in the country, was created by the British during their colonization and it is the second largest railway network in the world, it can lead you to anywhere in the country.Rarely in life you will have experienced anything like this, so it deserves your attention and your positivity.

As travel tend to be marathoners, we most likely have to sleep during the trip. For this purpose, it is better to buy a ticket for “Sleep class”, where you have the opportunity to stretch out in one of the bunks of the cabin. However, sleeping in is a complicated task, especially if you are a beginner. Whether by the rattle of the train, snoring, farting and belching neighbors or because the litter is too hard or dirty, close your eyes and start dreaming can be a utopia. But if you succeed, do not panic if you wake up at midnight with a gentle touch on the feet. We’re not sure, but we believe it could be due to the curiosity felt by Indians about touching as little tanned feet as Westerners, or by superstitious habit of caressing such a pale skin like ours.


And if you have been lucky enough to get some sleep, awakenings in this transport can be an experience not suitable for fragile hearts. You may find yourself in a situation that you clear the mind as fast as three coffees, though you have not slept all night.


You can travel by plane, but if you want to live the essence of this country do not miss a train ride. It is mandatory.

* Dreaming is free. Make them reality, perhaps not. This piece of dream has come true thanks to APIC – Asia Pacific International College, Go Study Australia,Foto24 and Dynamic Line, thanks to our partners, and most of all thanks to you. And do not forget: If you can dream it, you can do it.


We dream in real time. Despite the myth that our dreams happen in a split second, actually can last 20, 30, or even 60 minutes. Most likely only last a couple of minutes at the beginning of the night and will lengthen as the night progresses and increase rapid eye movements.


It is said that having a piano does not make you a pianist, in the same way that having a brother or sister does not make you siblings or having a child does not make you a father. The good thing about not being an only child is that you have brothers, and if they are older, it is better. Because your brother is the example you want to follow. He has more experience and knows what path should show you. My brother has been an inspiration. Each day he has assumed his role as big brother, that you have to set an example with his attitude and values, and which must guide and care for the child. I remember every advice you gave me over the years as if they were a treasure. And all the times he phoned me when he knew I was worried about something, even if it was nonsense. He has always been there, and has always been one of the most important in my environment, which I guess is as it should be.He has always been special. And not just as a brother, I have been able to learn from him as a son. Years ago I decided to work in my father’s company. And even in these situations it is always said that this is to be a “daddy’s boy” because the child already has a settled life and not live the stress of working in a company with the daily pressure of knowing that can take you at any time here he also was always live. I remember he was the first to get to work and the last to leave. He was never one minute late. Sorry, I lie. Just remember you were late once, and it was because he had had a bad night with flu.Here I also learned a lot from him. The way that he helped my father, an old man, thanks to his daily efforts in the business! Last but not least, a great example for all little brother and a great satisfaction for every father and mother. It is impossible not to be proud of him. Sure it’s not perfect, but for me he is ideal.Thanks for everything, big brother!


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