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Chapter 10. The heart that goes to Pokhara, will never come back (Nepal and Thailand).

We went from 38 degrees ambient temperature, to 28. People don´t spend time looking at us. Not forgetting a very important issue: the food. In Nepal we turn to feed a more normal diet. However, the roads are still difficult, they look like a roller coaster. Although there is no comparison between Indian roads and […]

Do not let your dreams be dreams.

In one occasion, Walt Disney said if I could dream it I could do it. And how right he was! You have to shape your dreams as if they were a large piece of clay. Live, travel, start your adventure and do not regret anything. The bigger you thinking, the greater your happiness will be. […]

Chapter 4. The smell of freedom does not sell (Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina).

From Bar, a town in Montenegro, we have got in Mostar, one of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s famous city for its bridge over the Neretvariver, a national monument that is also Human Heritage but was destroyed during the war in the Balkans and rebuild a few years later. It is a beautiful place with a historic center designed […]

Chapter 2. The Randall Steven’s cotton.

12th of July 2014 was the day that Lore and I took the motorbike ready to cross the 35000km between Barcelona and Sydney. Sincerely, I can’t remember the others 12th of July, but definitely we will never forget this one. We had never focused so hard on every event that we had done before. Hearing […]